Basic Sales Skills - Speaking

While listening is by far the most important communications (and selling) tool of a Salesperson, he/she, must also be proficient as a speaker. 

Ideally, you want the prospect to do most of the talking so that he can tell you everything you need to do to gain the sale. However, not all prospects are so obliging. Here is where you must use your talents as a speaker. 

To optimize the effect of your words, follow these simple rules! 

-Choose words carefully. They must express your meaning precisely. 

  • Gear your selection of words to the audience. Thus, if you are talking to a financial man in the organization, concentrate on things that he understands best-cost effectiveness, reliability of Your COMPANY solutions, reputation of your organization, quick pay-backs, etc. 

  • Your words must have a message. Basically, the general message is "you can't go wrong with Your COMPANY 

systems...we have the right price, the right quality, the right savings, etc." 

  • The message must have a well-defined beginning and an end. 

  • The entire speech must have a purpose! 

  • Ensure the prospect's understanding of your points by asking him questions and LISTENING to his answers! DEMAND FEEDBACK 

A professional salesperson knows WHAT to say, HOW to say it, WHEN to say it, and to WHOM to say it. Even more importantly, he knows how to use QUESTIONS to get feedback so as to insure that his audience understood EXACTLY what it is he just said!