01 Feb
  1. The pace of change in sales is escalating. A global pandemic is transforming buyer behavior and sales practices. Sales leaders are saying it is like 6 years of change in 6 months.


  1. Prospecting emails have increased 72% since March 2020, but response rates have decreased 44%.
  2. 75% more likely to engage with a vendor you’ve heard of
  3. 91% more likely to engage with a vendor who educated you on the topic
  4. 79% say yes to engage with marketing materials that made you aware of potential solutions and vendors before there was an actual project
  5. 38% of buyers say in-person sales meetings have decreased in value.
  6. 87% of buyers feel more connected when using video conferencing.
  7. 91% of reps struggle with gaining and keeping a buyer's attention virtually.
  8. 78% of sales leaders question the remote coaching skills of their managers.
  9. 96% of B2B companies have shifted to a virtual sales model following the onset of COVID.
  10. 65% of sales leaders believe the new virtual model is just as effective.

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